How to Choose the Best Size Garbage Disposal for Your Home

There is no better and more convenient method of doing away with food waste than garbage disposal. By grinding food waste, the kitchen gadget can flush the particles down the drain without clogging. Whether you are looking to replace your old garbage disposal or get one for the first time, you need to know the best size for your home. When in doubt, you can always work with a local plumbing professional, but if you are searching for a DIY guide, this is a good place to get started. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing

Unfortunately, you cannot just walk into a store and buy any garbage disposal because one size does not fit all. Different buildings have different structures, meaning you can only install a specific size.

Space Occupied

If you are worried the garbage disposal might not fit underneath your sink, check the gadget’s dimensions and the sink space, then compare if it can fit. The good thing is that garbage disposals are manufactured in different sizes that can fit even the smallest under-sink space. Ensure your unit is compatible with your sink before purchasing.

Connection Size

Examine the gadget’s connection size to see if it suits your kitchen sink draining pipes. If not, you’ll need to acquire a replacement unit or an adapter to join the two sections. Although some devices claim to be global or a size that fits all, this should always be verified before buying.

Grind Chamber

The foodstuff is ground in this section before being discarded. Confirm the grind chamber’s volume, which is often expressed in ounces. Some can hold more than 40 ounces of waste, although smaller and standard compartments can hold anything between 26 to 40 ounces. Under no circumstance should you ever exceed this set capacity as it will harm your garbage disposal.

The Size of Your Family

It is better to estimate your waste disposal requirements based on your household size. Based on who lives in your home, this is how we propose when buying a garbage disposal.

  • 1/3 HP – enough for one to two persons.
  • 1/2 HP – Suitable for two persons.
  • 3/4 HP – suitable for three to five individuals.
  • 5/8 HP – Best for three to six people.
  • 1 HP — a group of five to eight people or a business.
  • 2 HP — for groups of eight or more people and larger commercial sites.

The Motor Size

You’ll need to check a few garbage disposal size information to discover the ideal one for you. Examine the horsepower of a garbage disposal motor to determine its size. This is used to figure out how much waste can be disposed of.

1/3 HP

These are the most affordable garbage disposals available. Because they are low-powered, they can only handle little amounts of food. This explains why they are best for households with less than two members.

½ HP

This is amongst the popularly used garbage disposal sizes and has plenty of horsepowers. It’s suitable for small households who dine regularly, but it could pose a difficulty if you have visitors or prepare a large meal.

¾ HP

For most households, this is the optimal size. It has a significant amount of power and is available at various pricing to accommodate most budgets. Although the price gap between the 1/2 HP and the 3/4 HP isn’t significant, the grinding power is not the same.

5/8 HP

This is powerful enough to shred most meals, including tough ones. Several alternatives incorporate noise barrier technology to maintain a quiet shredding. These units, unfortunately, are substantially bigger, so be certain you have adequate room.

1 HP

This unit will benefit you if you work in a business setting or have a large family. It can shred whatever you throw at it, although it’s a bit pricey.

2 HP

We advise opting for 2 HP if dealing with a large commercial setting or a huge household as they are the most powerful.